Structured Cabling

Network solutions with fewer bottlenecks, and greater speed

Your computer network is the backbone of your business. Its performance doesn’t only depend upon the quality of the parts used, but even more so on the quality of the cabling and installation.

Fount Networks provides expert low voltage cabling and network infrastructure installation services that ensure quality and reliability for your network communications.

Install a Network that Can Keep Up with Your Business:

Eliminate Data Bottlenecks

Poorly planned networks, or those that have been added to piecemeal over the years, can cause data bottlenecks and dropped signals. When cabling is done right, it gives you faster data speeds and smoother online streaming during video calls.

Expand Without Expensive Rework

When network cabling is installed correctly, it’s designed in a way that allows you to add on additional technology infrastructure without doing expensive rework. Our solutions are designed for scalability so you can expand then when you need to.

Get a Strong Wireless Connection Everywhere

Does your office suffer from “dead zones” or areas that have a weaker Wi-Fi signal than other areas? Fount Networks can provide you with a wireless network solution that delivers a strong signal to every area of your building or property.

New – Existing – Office Moves

Whether you need a brand-new network configuration, an upgrade to an existing one, or are moving offices and need to move your technology infrastructure, we can help. No matter what your needs are, our network experts will deliver a quality, reliable, and cost-effective solution. 

Our Services

Fount Networks provides specialized network and cloud communication services

Hosted VoIP/PBX

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Structured Cabling

We provide expert low voltage cabling and network infrastructure installation services that ensure quality and reliability for your network.

Secure Cloud Fax

When sending signed forms or patient records, a secure electronic fax solution can ensure you’re fully compliant with data privacy rules.

Regional IT Support

We’ll ensure you have the support required to keep your technology infrastructure efficient, secure, and consistent.

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