Hosted VoIP/PBX

Save money and advance your business communications

Does your bill seem to keep going up with a traditional landline phone system? Would you like more features, but can’t afford them? Switching to VoIP not only gives you multiple enterprise-class features, it also costs a lot less.

Fount Networks offers hosted VoIP/PBX phone systems that are feature rich and can improve customer service and productivity, while also being fully scalable for your business needs.

Key Reasons Businesses Come to Fount Networks for VoIP:

Fully Customizable

Whether you want to use an auto attendant with company directory or have all voicemails transcribed automatically, you have options! VoIP has multiple features and we can customize them to your business workflows.

Keeps Your Business Going

If there is a major storm that causes a power outage, VoIP phones can be answered from any location, so you’re still in business. Do you have remote workers that are telecommuting? VoIP is a fluid solution that works with a remote workforce and even when your team is traveling. Calls can be answered from any device, in any place.

Saves You Money

You won’t have expensive hardware or maintenance costs with VoIP phones. There is no additional line to install in your building when adding a new user. You additionally save money on local and international calling costs every month.

Crystal Clear Call Quality & Scalability

Many major corporations use VoIP because it costs less, does more, and the call quality is excellent. Easily scale up or down at the click of a button, so you’re only paying for the number of lines you need.

Our Services

Fount Networks provides specialized network and cloud communication services

Hosted VoIP/PBX

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Structured Cabling

We provide expert low voltage cabling and network infrastructure installation services that ensure quality and reliability for your network.

Secure Cloud Fax

When sending signed forms or patient records, a secure electronic fax solution can ensure you’re fully compliant with data privacy rules.

Regional IT Support

We’ll ensure you have the support required to keep your technology infrastructure efficient, secure, and consistent.

Experience the Fount Networks difference!

Look at all the phone system features you can have for less than you’re paying for a landline.
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